Hi, I’m Ange.

I’m a marketing director, writer, editor, and singer living in Suffolk, in the UK.

I work as a marketing manager for one of the UK’s top companies, and I help Rockford bring in quality leads for the business by educating customers and enticing them to contact us.

  • I’ve been directly responsible for over £60m in leads in just one year.
  • I’ve supported the sales team to close the most important deals.
  • All our marketing is based on good PR, social media and tactical business development.

Rockford specialises in complex electro-mechanical assemblies for aerospace, defence and industrial markets. So, I’m also putting that half-finished degree in science to work.

For Bookings Connected, I am the marketing director, where I’ve developed a highly-targeted PR and marketing package for event service providers and event hosts to get more leads.

Currently, I’m studying an MBA, though I also have a bachelor’s degree in Internet Studies and Journalism from Curtin University, and an almost unhealthy interest in how people use the Internet from a sociological viewpoint. My Internet Studies degree primarily focused on social networking trends, innovations, online marketing, community management and journalism.

I also hold a diploma of Event Management, which involved a lot of branding and marketing, and ultimately lead me to run festivals for non-profit community groups building community, creating their websites and managing their committees. Later it led me to do wedding gigs as a freelance singer in a trio and with a band.

Originally from Australia, I moved to France in 2008 for a change of scenery and began to explore Europe from within. My writing and social media management have allowed me to be flexible with travel and other personal projects. I’ve always been a prolific writer on all manner of subjects and have been featured on a number of different websites.

For 8 years, I was working at the high-profile tech blog MakeUseOf.com remotely as a writer, editor, social media manager and more. The blog has reached an Alexa rank of about 790 not long ago with a team of about 40 people writing and doing various back-end things. It’s definitely not a small blog, and we worked hard on SEO and social avenues to bring in our traffic.

See lots of my previous work here: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/author/angela/

A particular focus of mine is online marketing and social media management, especially SEO and inbound marketing techniques that blend traditional PR with content marketing. I love PR, developing brands, designing marketing campaigns, influencer marketing, copywriting, running Facebook adverts and other PPC campaigns, small business marketing, event marketing, setting up websites, and creating email lists and sales funnels to manage potential customers. I’m also comfortable on camera and love creating video and audio content.

For several years, I ran a small social media management business, but closed it down when I moved to the UK. Now I focus on providing professional marketing services that only I can offer, as opposed to more generic social media services provided by a team.

I specialise in digital marketing services for events and destinations. So, come to me for online marketing help if you’re running a venue with regular events, or you run events in multiple locations, you manage a tourist landmark or some other interesting venue, you’re a musician, or you’re an artist. You’re my people.

I’ve also got a soft spot for everyday small businesses and entrepreneurs that need marketing advice, but due to their limited budgets, I usually aim to help these people by devising a tailored marketing plan and training them to do a better job of their overall small business marketing on their own.


I’d love to chat with you further about doing some marketing for you








Angela Randall was the first person I’d heard of who had automated their social media feeds.
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