Online Marketing Packages for Events & Destinations

Let me guess… you’re running a fantastic business. You put on great events in top-notch venues that people love. But you’re struggling with one little thing — attendance could be better. Right?

If the idea of social media makes you nauseous, or just thinking about sending regular emails makes you feel bogged down, then you need some outside assistance to get those jobs done for you.

This is exactly where I can help. I’ll take all that event and venue promotion off your plate, so you can focus on keeping your customers happy once they get in the door. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your business is growing and you’ll always have more customers to greet.

To get started, we’re going to need to chat about your business and start to develop a marketing strategy that will work for you. I need to know who your ideal customers are and we’ll work on branding and exposure that will get you noticed.

It’s just like hiring a housekeeper to do all those cleaning jobs you hate. Offload this marketing work to me, and you’ll bounce into work with a spring in your step, knowing you can simply focus on being the perfect host.

What I Can Do For You

I specialise in the marketing of events and destinations, so I’m the perfect marketing choice for you if you’re hoping to promote a venue, artist/musician, non-profit/cause, travel destination, historical location, family entertainment, or any type of wedding service or event supplier.

I do also offer training for businesses who wish to learn how to do their own marketing, but if you would like me to just get your marketing strategy underway for you, choose from one of the following packages.

Two-Hour Marketing Set-Up for £150

Two hours of my time focusing on setting up any aspect of digital marketing you require, such as:

    • Basic social media set-up
    • Simple website/blog/online store set-up
    • Series of graphics for a campaign
    • Email marketing/simple funnel set-up
    • Development of a lead magnet or tripwire product for your business
    • Advanced keyword research for your business
    • Optimising your current website for search engines
    • An article for your blog
    • One press release written
    • One press release distributed
    • Proofreading and copy editing content
    • Working on community outreach and PR opportunities
    • Creating a content calendar
    • Setting up one Facebook advert campaign

    Basic Monthly Marketing Package

    • I’ll design a basic marketing plan for your business
    • Daily posts to reach your target audience on social media
    • Facebook advertising to your target market
    • Monthly press release (and distribution)

    Advanced Monthly Marketing Package

    • I’ll create a detailed marketing plan for your business
    • You’ll get daily posts for your target audience on the top social networks
    • Facebook advertising to your target market
    • Coordinating influencer marketing campaigns (if you’re promoting events & destinations in Suffolk, I could do a sponsored post for you myself on my own Instagram account)
    • Email marketing/funnel set-up
    • Weekly SEO-focused content for your website
    • Weekly email content for your mailing list
    • Weekly content brainstorming sessions with you
    • Monthly press release (and distribution)
    • Online reputation management (ORM)
    • Creative marketing avenues explored, along with ways to improve your customer value optimisation
    • Personalised check-ups every month to discuss the results and make improvements

    Budget Marketing Package

    If you’re broke and just need some customers ASAP, I can sort out a way to run Facebook ads for you with a minimal ad spend per month and a fixed rate you can afford per lead I send your way.

    For example, if you get an instant £40 profit every time a customer walks through your door wanting your primary offer (not to mention what you can offer them later), and you can convert half of the leads I find you, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to pay me £5 per lead, plus the ad spend (which will be minimal). We can even set things up so you’re only spending a very small amount each week so that it’s really affordable for you.

What is a new customer worth to your business?

  • Whatever it is you need for your marketing, just drop me a line and we’ll chat about what you want and how I can help you.