Small Business Online Marketing Training

So, you’ve got a store, or a neat service oriented business, a small budget and a big headache when it comes to getting enough customers? I hear you.

Most small business owners don’t know enough about online marketing methods to make them work. Some don’t even know where to start! If this is you, there is hope.

Together we can work on getting more customers for you, getting more value from each customer AND automating as much of the process as possible. That way, you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

You’ll be confident that customers will keep rolling in, and your income is secure. While other businesses around you give up, you’ll be feeling secure and optimistic about the future.

What I’ll Do For You

If this sounds like your small business, I can help you get your DIY digital marketing underway.

I’ll either do your marketing for you, or I will teach you how to do it yourself. I can take you through from social media beginner to having a complete understanding of online marketing, including:

  • Devising your brand strategy and knowing your own strengths as a marketer
  • Understanding your audience, your competitors and using your marketing plan effectively
  • Knowing the fundamentals of marketing and what your customers want
  • Learning advanced Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google advert targeting techniques
  • Why retargeting pixels are important (and how to use them)
  • Developing a live video marketing plan
  • Understanding SEO and Google Analytics
  • Advanced keyword research for your industry
  • Using Instagram/Pinterest buy buttons
  • Crafting copy for adverts, social media, and articles
  • LinkedIn and Facebook groups prospecting
  • Advanced hashtag analysis
  • Technical skills for media production
  • Email marketing, autoresponders and online funnels
  • How and why to connect with influencers
  • Tricks for writing press releases
  • PR skills, newsjacking, and guerilla marketing
  • The connection between traditional marketing and digital marketing
  • …and much more.

Choose from one of the following training packages.

Two-Hour Marketing Training Session for £150

Two hours of my time one-on-one focusing on any aspect of digital marketing you require, from basic social media set-up to advanced techniques.

Four Weeks of Marketing Training

  • I’ll guide you through designing a marketing plan for your business
  • I’ll teach you the basics of the top social networks your business needs to use
  • You’ll learn how to define your target market precisely
  • Find out how to reach your target audience on social media
  • We’ll determine which media formats and styles work best for your marketing strategy (and how to create the very best)
  • You’ll find out how to write effective press releases
  • I’ll show you how to make your email marketing resonate (and how to automate it)
  • You’ll learn pro tips and tricks for Facebook posts and Facebook advertising

Year-Long Marketing Training Package

  • Intensive first month of training as detailed in the four-week package
  • Monthly lessons provided for a year giving more advanced tips and tricks for the tools you use most in your strategy
  • Personalised check-ups every month to see how you’re going and suggest improvements

If this is what you need, get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling.