Online Marketing & Social Media Management

Hi, I’m Ange.

I help with small business marketing, specifically for people managing events, event services, venues and destinations. I make sure you get more customers, by strategically marketing the right things to the right audiences. I’m the marketing director for Bookings Connected, and also the marketing manager for one of the UK’s top companies. I have a history in journalism, PR, content marketing, editing, event management, weddings, gigs & travel. I’m based on the Suffolk Coast, and I know the local area and the audience well.

So, I can help you to implement effective marketing strategies to rapidly grow your business.

I run highly strategic, professional marketing campaigns targeting your ideal customers with the right information, so that you can relax and get on with business.

Ads – Social – Strategy – Branding – Email – Content

Facebook Ads

Do you want Facebook ads targeting your perfect customer? Do you want clients booked out for months ahead? Talk to me.

Social Media Management

Are you looking to build your brand awareness? Do you want to build community? Let’s get on it.

Strategy & Branding

Are you sure who your ideal clients are? Do you understand your brand and your positioning in the market? Let’s set you straight.

Press Releases, Email Campaigns & Blog Content

Have you set up a mailing list and a blog, yet have no idea what to write? Or are you still wondering how you’ll set these things up? No idea how to run a press release? I’ll sort you out.

Talk To Me Now!

You can either chat to me about marketing training, or about getting professional online marketing done for you. Also feel free to contact me if you’ve got any queries or if you know someone who you think could use my help!






Angela is probably one of the best people I have ever had the privilege of working with. Her professionalism, reliability, friendliness, sense of humour, and superior writing talent, made her an absolute delight to work with. She made coming to work worthwhile. I highly recommend her for any work you may have for her. You won’t regret hiring her. She’s the best.
Mark O'NeillFormer Managing