Whether you’re going into business or sticking with the rat race, you’re better off if you’ve put some thought into how you market yourself professionally.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is a process where you develop and promote the attributes you best want to be known for. I can take you through the process from the very beginning, taking the time to uncover your brand and then teaching you how to use that information to further your career. 

Career Coaching

As well as determining personal brands, I like to help my clients plan ahead for their careers. We can discuss your future career options, potential training opportunities, and how to ensure your brand sets you up for your future success.

I want you to be able to make a big impact in your career, and to get paid what you’re worth doing it! I’ll help you to approach game-changing employers with a strong case to hire you.

Personal Portfolio Website

Your personal brand is just as important as your business, and your brand deserves its own website! If you like, I can get you set up with a simple website, designed to showcase your best work. 

Marketing Courses

Marketing isn’t just for business! Once you understand your personal branding, you can learn how to use all the best marketing tools to help yourself. I’ve created courses you can do online in order to learn the best strategies.

This includes learning how to optimise your LinkedIn profile for success, and how to work your Instagram account for maximum exposure to the right people.

CV Writing

To complement your new personal brand, you’ll want an amazing CV! I offer CV writing services, where I showcase all your best skills to your potential employers.

I can also write you a generic cover letter for your ideal job. 

Find out more about my CV writing services and how to book yours!

Post-Baby Career Mastermind

If you’ve recently had a child, you’ll have noticed that it’s difficult to get back into the workforce. Not just because you might have taken time off to look after the kids, but because you’re now trying to juggle school runs and childcare needs around a seemingly impossible career.

In order to make a living, you’re probably now looking to start a business or find flexible work arrangements. 

As well as being able to help you to polish up your CV and personal brand, I can help people at this tricky stage of life to decide where to go from here.

Talent Agency

As well as teaching you how to stand out, I will act as your personal talent manager and help you to get noticed by employers that would love to have you on their staff and give them reasons to offer ideal flexible work to you.

Personal Branding Photoshoots

Occasionally, I run sessions where I bring people together for a personal branding photoshoot. By doing a group session we share the cost of hiring the photographer and venue. These are really fun sessions, held in beautiful Suffolk venues with professional photographers.

Networking Events

If you’re based in Suffolk, you might like to attend one of my in-person networking events to meet some of my favourite businesspeople and up-and-coming professional talent.


I went to make my new claims for Universal Credit/ESA and when my work coach saw my CV he said it’s one of the best he has ever seen.
Connor Bumstead

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