Hi! You’ve most likely found this page via my Instagram (@AngelaSmange), which is where I document all the amazing places I visit, delicious food I’ve eaten, and awesome events I’d love to go to (along with my gorgeous model boyfriend Craig and adorable kids).

You might not know, but I’m also a full time marketing manager, a freelance marketer, and I also do marketing training.

In some ways, my Instagram is my way of showcasing to those of you who run events and destinations what I could do for you if you’d like me to run your marketing for you.

In other ways, my Instagram has its own following of people who love travelling and going to events. Mostly they’re interested in family events and places on the Suffolk coast, because that’s where I live and what I mainly do when I’m out. But some of my followers travel further afield — and sometimes us parents do occasionally get a break from the kids and want to live it up a little.

So, if you’d just prefer me to promote your event or destination to my own audience on Instagram, I can do that too. Get in touch with me for rates and to discuss what sort of promotion you’re planning.