I’ve been writing for various blogs since blogging began, and even before then I was changing my hand-coded website every day with a new daily status update. You could say it stuck.

My degree in Internet Studies and Journalism was part of a strategy to legitimise my writer status and make some money from home while I had some kids. It worked!

Over the years since 2008, I took on many more professional writing roles, freelancing for bigger sites and starting many more sites of my own. For a while, I was writing a lot of tech articles for a large tech site on social media, browsers and Linux. I became an editor, edited and wrote lots of books, and was even temporarily managing editor. See lots of my previous work writing tech articles here.

After that, I moved away from freelancing somewhat and into marketing and communications jobs full time (see my CV here). I also started a business as a side hustle, but I still do quite a bit of freelancing and I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing. I’m often ghostwriting for influential business owners, and I’m happy to ghostwrite books.

I’m now studying many more things, including an MBA and human resources. These topics tend to flavour my writing these days, and I love to write about how to help businesses succeed and personal productivity.

A lot of my writing these days is on Medium, so take a look to see my most recent public work!

— Ange.

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You’re amazing at making CVs look brilliant & stand out from all the rest.
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